Tony & Allison Arellano We could not be any happier with our decision to purchase a home from Everest Construction Company. We continue to be impressed with the overall quality. From the fixtures, moldings, electrical outlets, toilets, appliances, cabinets, walls, windows, etc., everything top to bottom is quality build with high quality craftsmanship. From the moment we started our purchase process, Vladimir has been great to work with. Working with Everest Construction feels more like a relationship versus a business transaction. Even after we moved in, they have continued their high level of customer treatment by being available and answering any questions regarding our home in a timely fashion. For us, working with Everest Construction made the biggest purchase decision of our lives a very satisfying experience. | Tony & Allison Arellano
Rene' Steelman We purchased a home 4 years ago built by Everest Construction. We had to make changes to the existing structure because we have a child in a wheelchair. Vladimir and his team re-modeled the bathroom and changed doorways in no time at all and it looked amazing. Their craftsmanship is excellent. | Thanks, Rene' Steelman
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson - Lake Ridge North Subdivision My husband and I are retired military and decided to make Camas, WA our permanent home. We looked at many homes from different builders and never found that one that spoke to us. It wasn't until our realtor showed us homes built by Everest builders that we finally found our dream home. We walked in and I told my husband immediately this is it. This is our dream home. All the custom details and finishes are so beautiful. The beautiful custom wood work throughout, polished granite counters, top of the line Kitchen Aid appliances, finished landscaping that's included in each package. I could just go on and on. Friends come to visit and are in awe of our home, but you have to see for yourself through their website or visiting any of their finished home sites. It's a pleasure to have found a builder who takes pride in his work. If for any reason you have questions or concerns about anything he is right there to assist you with everything. We are so overjoyed to have found Everest builders and to share their information with others who are looking for their custom dream home. | Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
George Niziol - North LakeRidge Subdivision, Camas, WA If you are considering purchasing a new home, and desire a home builder that genuinely knows and cares about every aspect of his product, then look no further than Vladimir Malyakin and his firm Everest Construction, Inc. Ever since locating to the greater Vancouver area with my family over 10 years ago, my wife and I were diligently pursuing a home that provided all of the attributes that we desired. This was no easy task! Prior to relocating to the area I had owned and operated a commercial building construction firm in Texas for 20 years. Since I was very familiar with the construction industry, I was looking for anything other than the typical pedestrian experience most people encounter when they are in the market for a home. Of course I desired all of the typical items that most buyers are looking for; good quality, a fair price, curb appeal, etc. but I also wanted a home built by someone who put some serious thought into every step of the process and did things the best way possible. This is where Vladimir stood out from his peers! Over the years as we were searching, I interviewed numerous home builders and none were as impressive as Vladimir was. If you desire a functional, beautiful, and well-built home for your family, then I suggest giving serious consideration to this builder and his fine company. We purchased our home a little over a year ago from him and couldn’t be more satisfied.
Scott and Theresa Wilson My wife and I had put our house on the market in October 2010, we were speaking with several different builders and of course the builders were telling us everything we wanted to hear, however we knew what they were telling us was a buying ploy, none of them sold me on the value of their homes. Then we happen to meet with Vladimir of Everest Construction, he was very willing to sit down and listen to what our needs were and worked with us through the process of selling our home. Then the fun began, Vladimir drew a design of the home we wanted and was able to put the new home on the lot we were most interested in. We were able to sit down with Vladimir pick out choices for the house. One of the things I most like about him, he will tell you if something is not going to look right in your new home. So trusting him is something that I was able to do during the building process. I can say to anyone of you if you are looking to purchase a quality home, Everest Construction is the company you want building your dream home.We are in the final stages of our home being completed and I cannot wait to move into the home that Vladimir and his team has built for my family. | Sincerely, Scott and Theresa Wilson
To whom it may concern It is my pleasure to write this unsolicited letter of recommendation for Everest Construction. We first ran into Everest projects in Camas, on Jasmine St. We immediately noted significant quality differences between Everest homes and others in the same price range by other builders. Apparently Clark County did too: go to the Clark County GIS system and plug in a few Everest addresses. Their building quality is always Very Good - or better. On the other hand the competition is rating only 'Average'. After working with Vladimir and his team, here is what we noticed:

1. Quality of work performed.
Outstanding. Even my building inspector and banker were impressed. Not an easy thing to do.

2. Quality of work crews.
A house is only a good as its subs and Everest subs are superior. They listen well and are then completely focused on the product. When issues surfaced none hesitated a moment to return and solve the problem. I am told most of these crews have been with Everest of > 10 years.

3. Project Management.
Vladimir manages every project himself and visits every property under construction every day. Not only does that help with quality but it makes it very convenient to meet with him, personally which improved our communication.

4. Integrity and professionalism.
The project was not without the usual problems but when these occurred, even when money was involved, we never failed to reach a mutually acceptable solution. When a change order was fair, Everest simply did the work. At other times we chipped in for materials or split costs. We really enjoyed that spirit of cooperation.

5. Value.
In the end, a house must measure up to its sticker price. Given the many, many upgrades, quality materials, and exceptional construction techniques we had no problem at all with the appraisal(s). We would build with Vladimir again but likely we are never moving from this place. | Thanks, -CA
Monty & June Schafer - Camas, WA In 2010 Everest Construction build our home in Camas. We have had other home build for us and have worked with other builders. We can unequivocally recommend Everest Construction. There were several things that set them apart from the other builders. The home built for us is of very high quality, it was completed at least three weeks ahead of schedule and the collaboration between Everest and us was wonderful. We were able to capitalize on each other’s strengths to design a home we are very happy with.We would highly recommend Everest Construction as a builder for your new home. | Sincerely, Monty & June Schafer
Stacy and Kreg Lukens Everest Construction recently completed our 4400 square foot home. We are more than pleased with the level of attention to detail and the how quickly they completed the job. Vladimir is very easy to work with and more than once suggested fabulous ideas to make our home work better for us. Many times he thought of improvements to the plan before we could even dream them up! All of the sub contractors were professional and focused. The job site was always clean and well maintained.We would highly recommend Everest Construction to anyone looking for top quality work, and a builder that is involved and concerned in every aspect of the job. | Thanks,
Randy & Kym Harris When we sold our home in the summer of 2010 our family had to decide on our next home. We had been thinking during the selling process that when we sold our home we would take advantage of the current housing market and buy an existing home. We looked at dozens of homes and could not find a home that worked for the entire family. The last house we looked at was a new home built by Everest Construction in a area that we were very fond of, that is when we met Vladimir. We loved the house, but it was not the right fit for us. We discussed what are needs were with Vladimir and within a couple of weeks he simply designed the house that we were looking for. From that moment until we took the keys to the house it was a great experience. Vladimir's organization and complete control of the project was amazing, there was never a time when things didn't go to plan. Vladimir and his crews are very talented; they know how to build a beautiful home. I think Vladimir's greatest strength is that he listened to us and always knew what we wanted; he really helped us see what things would look like and always helped us make the right decision. I would refer anyone to use Everest Construction, for any style or size of home; you will be pleased with the outcome. | Sincerely, Randy & Kym Harris